April 7, 2012

Excellence and Opulence: Boutique Holiday Accommodation

Many holidaymakers these days demand more than the standard tourist experience. Difficulty with hotel accommodation is often cited as the top reason people fail to enjoy their vacations.

The standard hotel experience is simply not good enough, and many travellers are willing to pay extra for something a little more high-end. People don’t want to be confronted by the mundane realities of hotel life when they’re on vacation – crowded lobbies, inattentive staff, and inflexible booking systems are anathema to a pleasant holiday experience. The economic necessity of keeping hotel rooms occupied at all times are driving holidaymakers away – increasing numbers of which are looking at alternative accommodation options.

Boutique hotels are a great alternative to the chain hotels run by large international corporations. Boutique hotels are smaller than their chain hotel counterparts – the number of rooms in a boutique hotel rarely exceeds more than a hundred and in many cases number in the 20s and 30s. This smaller scale results in improved customer service and increased attention to detail by the hotel management and staff. Boutique hotels are not run under the ‘one size fits all’ mindset that most chain hotels operate under. Staff at a boutique hotel is more intimately acquainted with guests and will often know each guest staying in the hotel by name. Although boutique hotels can occasionally be slightly more expensive than chain hotels, the difference in service and quality more than makes up for it. Guests choose to stay in boutique hotels even when there are cheaper alternatives available because they know they are getting value for money. Tourists in New Zealand tend to favour staying in smaller boutique hotels over other types of visitor accommodation. Boutique hotels dot the country-side and can even be found in places most large hotel chains are absent. From the northerly Bay of Islands to the South Island resort of Queenstown, boutique hotels offer visitors to New Zealand the same excellent quality service and accommodation regardless of location.

The interior decor combined with the external architectural design is responsible for creating a boutique hotel’s unique sense of style and ambiance. Unlike chain hotels that strive to recreate the same guest experience anywhere in the world, no two boutique hotels are ever alike. Boutique hotels are known for their personality and charm. The exteriors of many boutique hotels tend to betray their roots as historical country manors and grand mansions. Guest rooms offer all the modern amenities one can expect to find in any five-star establishment anywhere in the world like high speed internet connectivity, home theatre systems, large screen LCD TV’s, and even dimmer controls for the lights. Many boutique hotels have highly-rated restaurants featuring acclaimed master-chefs serving up meals from a selective menu that relies on fresh local produce. Many boutique hotels are built on historical local buildings that have been refurbished and repurposed for use as a hotel. Some of these buildings are protected local landmarks and are tourist attractions in their own right.

Many visitors to New Zealand are surprised to find grand boutique hotels in seemingly out of the way places, like the wild and wonderful West Coast region in the South Island or Waiheke Island near Auckland.

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